CAULKING & Maintenance

Where stucco meets a window, door, electrical box, vent or any other wall penetration you may notice a small expansion gap. Gaps are normal and should be expected since dissimilar materials will expand and contract at different rates thus causing slight separations. Such gaps can allow excessive amounts of water to get past the stucco and therefore should be caulked at least on an annual basis. 

We specialize in Traditional Colored Cement Stucco on Metal Lath Authentic Old-World Elegance



V & J Construction Co., Inc exterior finishes are one of many options a homeowner might consider when thinking about an exterior coverage for their home. Whether it be new home construction or renovating an older home, traditional cement stucco is by far one of the most durable and fashionable choices a homeowner can make.

There are numerous advantages to applying stucco over just about any other exterior option, including:  ​

  • Stucco is extremely durable it can withstand the test of 
    extreme temperature changes and weather conditions, resisting the harsh effects of rain, snow, hail and gusting winds.
  • Stucco adds an excellent R-value (insulation efficiency), helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months and warmer in winter by keeping out the harsh winds.
  • Stucco is so durable as well as fire resistant.
  • Stucco adds thousands of dollars to the market value of your home, as well as adding beauty to your house.  
  • Stucco is mold and mildew-resistant and will not rot or flake apart, so it is exceptionally durable and a preference of homeowners who live in more moist or humid climates.
  • Stucco never goes out of style.

    The stucco of the new millennium gives homeowners a vast array of styles and colors to choose from.  Gone are the days when your only choices were varying shades of gray, off white or beige.  New custom colors offer a variety as plentiful as an artist's palette, to either use alone or mix and match for a custom color.  There's a color to suit every homeowner's particular taste and, if you are remodeling, stucco will turn the outside of an old tired looking home into a modern masterpiece.

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In recent years, stucco has gotten a bad name as people think that stucco fails due to the nature of the stucco itself.  This is simply not true!  What leads to extensive structural integrity failures in a stucco home is the poor installation an misapplication or omission of proper flashing techniques.

As New Jersey stucco remediation specialists, we have years of experience in this field.  Whether it is a full or partial restoration of a homeowners stucco, V & J Construction Co., Inc. is more that qualified of satisfying the homes restoration needs.